Body Imaging

                of abdomen

Service Description

Body Imaging encompasses imaging of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. CT, MR, and US are performed, with different protocols used depending on the area of concern.

CT, an abbreviation of computerized tomography, is also commonly known as a CAT scan. The high-speed spiral multi-detector volume scanner used at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center allows the highly trained technologist to scan areas of your body. Using X-rays and a special computer, these volume scans are then "sliced" into images of varying size and thickness (much like slicing a loaf of bread), creating highly detailed, cross-sectional images.

MRI does not use X-ray. An MRI uses a high-magnetic field and pulsing radio waves to create sophisticated 3-dimensional images of the brain, spine, body, and extremities. PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center uses a 1.5 Tesla MRI system with the latest technology. The high field-strength MRI unit at Southwest Imaging is shorter and has a better-lit interior than a more enclosed, traditional MRI, helping patients feel more comfortable.

Ultrasound scanning, or sonography, uses high-frequency sound waves to gather detailed images from inside the body. The reflected sound waves are recorded and displayed on a computer as real-time images of vessels, tissues, and organs. Ultrasound is often used to observe a pregnancy.

Ultrasound has been used for medical testing for over 40 years and has no known harmful effects. Its ability to scan areas inside the body makes it very useful to doctors and patients.

  • Ultrasound can be performed in less time than many other tests and often with no preparation needed.
  • Ultrasound does not use X-rays, making it safe to use during pregnancy or if repeated testing becomes necessary.

PHSW uses the most advanced technology in Ultrasound imaging.

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